Hello and welcome to The Battle of Bosworth Standard Distance Triathlon. 

The race will start at 9:00am on Sunday 11th September 2022
The Venue is : Bosworth Water Trust, Wellsborough Road, Market Bosworth, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV13 6PD
 Car parking is in the field on the left opposite Water Park Entrance, off Coton Lane. A Car Park Sign will be directing you in.

 Registration: This will be from 7.30am on race morning –  Here you will receive your race pack which includes a race number, race sticker set and swim cap.  Number belt must be worn with your race number.  Medical details MUST be completed on the back of your race number in case of accident or emergency.  You must show your BTF License if you are a member of the BTF and have indicated so at entry. If not, you will have to pay £5 at registration. 

Race Rules :The race is run under BT rules : https://events.britishtriathlon.org/uploads/content/British%20Triathlon%20Competition%20Rules%202017.pdf 
The race is NON DRAFTING and there will be Motorcycle Officials out on the course. 

Transition Area: Competitors only in the transition area. The Transition area for your bikes and race kit will be open from 7.30am. The racking is only for 6 athletes per rack. Please give other competitors space. There will be plenty of space to rack your bike and leave your kit. NEW BTF RULES: There is a ban on boxes and large bags in transition, only small bags allowed.  Tip. Bring a plastic bag to place your trainers in just in case the weather changes on the day. Nothing worse than running in wet trainers! 

Race Briefing: This will take place at 08.45am at Swim Start. The race organiser will explain the race format and highlight any areas where caution is required. As it is an open water swim, water safety is a priority and extra notice of what to do in the event of any difficulties is paramount. The BTF race referee in attendance will also brief all the athletes. 

Race Start: The race will start at exactly 9:00am. It will be a Water Start.  You will be counted in and out of the water for your safety. The Swim: 2 Laps You will require a wetsuit for the swim This is a 1500m open water swim (2 laps) around the both islands in the main lake at the venue. Follow the indicated buoys, keeping them on your left hand side. You will be allowed a warm up before the race starts. You will enter the water before the start at the marked entry/exit point and be counted in. You will be given a 5-minute time check before the race start, and a 1-minute check before the swim start. You will exit at the marked exit area and follow the route to transition.

 Transition (T1): Once you have exited the swim, you will enter transition. Remove your wetsuit and change into your cycling clothing. You MUST put your helmet on BEFORE removing your bike from the racking. Leave transition at the marked exit point and mount at the mount/dismount line (follow the Marshals directions). Please take caution leaving the water park as there are two speed humps to negotiate, keep your speed for the main part of the course, not the exit/return point.

 Bike Route: 2 Laps After exiting the water park (left turn), you are now on the main cycle route. Follow the route marked with yellow direction arrows. There are also safety Marshals at every junction point where you are required to turn. All turns are left turns. If you turn right at any point, you have gone wrong!. Please follow the instructions from the Marshals. Areas of caution: Feed station on Bosworth Road in the lay-by next to the Piggery Farm. (Before you turn left onto A444.) Slow down and stop if need to, as the lay-by is a rough surface. On exit look right for on coming traffic. Turning left onto the A444, you will approach downhill at speed, so follow the Marshals instructions regarding traffic. Turning left off the A444, you will approach the left turn at speed, slow down to negotiate the left turn. At Shenton, there is a blind S bend where extreme caution is required, a Marshal will warn you to slow down at this point and take care. The bridge at Shenton (left turn) is only single file, so be aware of any oncoming traffic. Follow the Marshals instructions. The railway bridge is in a dip and again single file. Follow the Marshals instructions as you approach the bridge. Market Bosworth centre is a very busy village and extreme care must be taken cycling through this village, please take care and be courteous. There is a FOOT DOWN AND STOP point when entering the village – this must be adhered to and failure to comply may result in disqualification from the race. Please also take care when you turn left at the T junctions. There is a pedestrian crossing in Station Road, please give way to anyone on the crossing or about to cross. This crossing is not controlled by lights. The descent to the water park is fast, take care negotiating the bridge and roundabout before approaching the water park. Once you have completed 2 laps then you turn left into the water park, NO OVERTAKING as this area is coned off for competitor’s access to the water park. Please follow the Marshals instructions as they are there for your safety! 

Transition (T2) : After dismounting your bike enter transition. Ensure you RACK YOUR BIKE BEFORE removing your helmet. Remove your cycling gear and put on your running kit. Take care as transition may be busy with other competitors. When ready, exit transition at the marked point and head out on your run. 

Run : 2 Laps The run is a simple out and back run. Run out of transition, along the fence through opening, turn immediately left towards car park barriers, run along the right hand side of the road, through barriers then turn right up Coton Lane and please run on the left hand side with the flow of traffic on to Coton lane. Take caution over the hump back bridge over the canal and with the 90 degree right and then left turn in Far Coton take the first left turn in Far Coton and follow the road to the turn point pick up a band! (2 BANDS in total! so we know you have reached turnaround point twice) follow the same route back as you run back towards water park, (go back again for second lap) follow route back, turn left into park by barriers, run on right side of road , go through opening in the fence, back into the field where finish line is , you will be directed toward the finish - follow the taped off lane. At the finish line you will be able to print out your results. 

Finish with a BIG smile and a celebratory drink of Erdinger Alkoholfrei! A unique medal for all finishers! 

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